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            Welcome to 雪缘园即时比分.




                , which was founded in 2009, with headquarter in Guangzhou, is a leading manufacturer and service provider of down hole accurate measuring and controlling system for oil well drilling in China. has a registered capital of 133 million RMB, asset size of more than 200 million RMB, more than 100 million RMB annual revenue and covers 35000 m2. employees  a group of well trained and forge ahead of petroleum technology professionals, has more than seventy patents of measurement while drilling core technologies, In recent years were approved by Guangdong provincial Technical and Engineering Center, and was awarded as  key support strategic emerging backbone enterprise in Guangdong province.

                  has been adhering principal of ‘innovate and pursue  excellence ’and focusing on advanced technology. Through continuous innovation, ‘s self-developed ZT-MWD and ZT-LWD, as leading products, has been wildly used in oilfields in China and sold to Mid- East、North America、Souast Asia and or international markets. builds Research and Development Center in Beijing and Guangzhou and builds  bases in Xinjiang, Daqing and Sichuan in China and one base in Kish in Iran. . Based on One Belt  and One Road policy and follow 3 oil company to go out strategy, is accelerating internationalization process by taking advantage of product superiority.

                will continue to adhere to "technology-driven, cost leadership, difference competition" business strategy, and devote to lead technology trend, promote industrial upgrading and industry progress, to provide valuable services to our customers.. Goaltech is to achieve goal of technical pioneer in process of modernization of oil-drilling and related service by Standardized management, and excellent technology growth ability.

            PRODUCT CENTER Professional quality and perfect service
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            2019 雪缘园即时比分. Contact Tel: +86020-22009988
            E-mail: sales@fukate.cn.cn
            Website: /
            ADD: 73 Ruihe Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

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